eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Ecommerce marketing has quickly become an enormous focus for businesses of every kind in the past decade. With more and more business—and consumer purchasing—happening online, ecommerce marketing is a hugely important skill to understand and develop. Fortunately, there are a vast array of experts willing to share what they know, including their predictions for upcoming trends in their field. With the details (and sometimes, even the broad concepts) of ecommerce marketing constantly evolving, it’s crucial to get up to date information and to do it often. Because of that, below are summaries of nineteen great articles all about it.


We realized that different businesses have different requirements, which is why we offer a wide range of services with its configurations. In addition, custom configuration is available to meet your needs.

Online Services

Enterprise Grade Components & Highly Optimized Structure

In cooperation with Cyber Camo Dudes Arena, Inc. Each server features the latest enterprise-grade components. They are built and optimized by experts. Once built, each server must pass a series of stress tests prior to provisioning, ensuring servers constantly operate at peak performance.


We feature the latest generation Intel CPUs, including single processors with up to six cores, to dual processors with up to twenty-four cores.


We know your hosting requirements can fluctuate in an instant, which is why our servers are 128GB of RAM as minimum Standard.


Each of our VPS nodes servers utilize premuim RAID cards with independent backup battery units. The Cards supporting up to 8 drives are available for your configuration needs.


We offers managed backup services using multiple methods and strategies.

The Power to Simplify

Plesk is hosting node service engine. Its the most complete, secure and versatile WebOps control panel and hosting platform. Various packages is available in order to match users needs starting from Small Business to Ultimate package for large organization. In addition, Plesk support most of what we hosters are looking for such as:

Strongest site and server security

Broadest levels of security, across OS, network and applications, built into the Plesk hosting platform’s core and further enhanced through our partnerships with class-leading security companies.


Expandable with 100+ Extensions

Do more with extensions from Symantec, CloudLinux, Cloudflare, Atomicorp and more. Choose from over 100 free and paid extensions to boost your performance and productivity.


Multiple Servers, One Control Panel

One Dashboard to managing multiple sites and servers. Run updates, monitor performance and uptime, and onboard new customers from one place.



Ultimate Toolkit for WordPress sites

One dashboard to manage everything WordPress. Install, update and remove instances, themes and plugins, plus built-in cloning, staging, syncing, security and backup/restore features.


Certified Hosting Platform

The only hosting platform that is certified to run on all major virtualization & container platforms as well as the largest cloud platforms such as Amazon, Google, Alibaba and Microsoft Azure.


Complete Flexibility and Control

Full root access via SSH on every Plesk-powered VPS and dedicated server so you can install any third party, open source, or customized application your need.


Advanced Game Service Provider

The Power of Control

An an advanced Game Service Provider (GSP) which provides low latency Game Servers focuses mainly for Middle East (GCC). Cyber Camo Dudes - Arena, Inc. is powered by TCAdmin for its game hosting engine with flexible design and powerful features. In addition of TCAdmin©, its designed from the ground up, while allowing end users complete control over their servers. With built in features for voice control, game control and a feature packed module that integrates with WHMCS© billing System, our software offers you and your clients "Total Control" over their game and voice servers.



  • Multiple servers, single login
  • Integrated FTP server
  • Secure communication
  • Service monitoring
  • Game monitoring
  • Slot and type monitor
  • Game server resource usage
  • System resource usage
  • Full function web based file manager
  • Sub-users
  • Sub-admins
  • Automated setup
  • Game server reinstall
  • Game server switcher
  • Support ticket system
  • News system
  • Patching system
  • One Click Steam updates
  • One Click Punkbuster updates
  • Mod install system
  • Map Packs
  • Client command line builder
  • Update system
  • Supports over 75 games
  • RCON Support
  • Backup and restore tool
  • Advanced Security Plugin
  •  and much More ...

Supported Games

Listed of game servers supported by Cyber Camo Dudes - Arena, Inc.

HD Movie Streaming

A streaming service built with Laravel 5.6 ( RESTful API ) & Vuejs (Full SPA).


  • RESTful API - SPA
  • Transcoding videos with all formats.
  • Movies & Series support using TMDB
  • Live TV support M3U8 & RTMP
  • Live TV Transcode video to HLS
  • Encrypted HLS video with AES-123 Movie/Eposide/Live
  • Add watermark to videos (Movies/Episode/Live
  • Subtitle Support
  • Support period trailer
  • Resolution Switcher (2160p-1080p-720p-430p)